Archdruid: a Heroes of the Storm Malfurion's Beard conversion by Valhallan

By Valhallan - 23:27

Archdruid: a Heroes of the Storm Malfurion's Beard conversion by Valhallan

  • Comes 20 swatches, all of the EA swatches plus an extra blonde one and the original green colour
  • Found under Facial Hair
  • For men only, age Teen - Elder
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Utilizes the Hat texture-space, so can not be used with Hats
  • Enabled for occult
  • Disabled for random
Note: The beard is not perfect. Due to EA bone limitations, the beard can clip in some places. The lower portion of the beard is stuck to the body, whereas the top of the beard (where it meets the face) is stuck to the jaw. This can make for some stretching in the chin area, when the Sim moves his head. Also, due to the sheer size of the beard, it may clip with more muscular or bigger Sims.

Credits: Blizzard for the original mesh, extracted from the game Heroes of the Storm. I extracted this 3D model and its textures myself. I edited all of the textures and edited the 3D model itself to make it fit into the Sims 4. Made with the Sims 4 Studio.

Please do not re-upload, repost or convert without my explicit permission, and do not claim as your own. You are free to recolor and retexture, but do not include the mesh, please! If you use it in your game, you can tag me with my name ‘valhallansim’, I would love to see what you guys do with it!

Simfileshare (, thank you so much for supporting me!) | Mediafire (no

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2 reacties

  1. Hey! LOVE your CC! The Long beard I have been waiting for someone to make! THANK U! Would you by chance be interested in making a bald head with long hair on the sides and back? Example: The Wizard SHAZAM from DC Comics...Thought I'd ask!!! Happy Simming!

  2. Fantastic work! Your CC is amazing, thank you so much for your time and creativity <3

    I was wondering if it would be possible to get this beard along with some of your other T4 conversations, converted to TS3? Or If I would be allowed to do so?

    The items I am most interested are:
    Clothing sets: Alchemist, Rogue, Champion, Infantry, Warmth, Feldr.

    Thank you for reading!